Relax and let us help you write story.

In the comfort and surroundings of your own home, our experienced CRB accredited Biographers will help you to create story.

Your Biographer will guide you through a personalised informal interview which will be recorded to ensure your family and future generations can enjoy not just a beautiful hard bound book of but a quality audio recording of you telling your special life story in your own words.

Your Biographer will ensure that the transcription of your audio interview is as accurate to your wording and phrasing as possible. This ensures that your personality, nature and character are truly reflected in the book of story.

We will then help and guide you to select your best memory photographs that will help bring your story to life. We will scan these for you and arrange them within story book with an agreed footnote for each image used.

Once story has been transcribed and the photo pages have been produced, your Biographer will forward these to you for final approval before going to print.

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A word from our founder

Following the death of my father I soon realised that my most treasured possession was a very brief and poor quality cassette tape of him telling a humorous anecdote to his elder brother. I still carry this recording in my car today and play it constantly.

When planning his funeral I found myself researching and discovering many historic aspects of his incredible life that I had previously been unaware of. If I had one wish, it would be to turn back time and for him to give me the greatest gift of his life, with